Lilienne Lei-Jung Chan. I go by Lil.

My goal is to create compelling narratives using my five foremost loves: drawing, painting, thoughtful design, healthy doses of whimsy, and pens.

I'm a Concept Artist and Illustrator in Seattle, WA, on the lookout for new opportunities. Finished a contract as the Lead Artist at InDreams Studios, and currently working as a Contract Artist with the Extra Credits team on their Extra History web series.

Questions, comments, inquiries? Feel free to send them to
CV and Résumé found here.

Inspirations: Graphic novels and animation ever since I was a kid, of both fantasy and science-fiction in origin. Particular favorites include Joe the Barbarian and Porco Rosso.

Pastime Activities: Sketch-studying, short story writing, plotting out furniture I want to design and build myself, and knitting/crocheting gifts a year before they need to be given.

Video Games: Journey and The Last of Us.
Movies: varying degrees of quality here, but Hong Kong kung fu action flicks and Wes Anderson are up there.

Favorite Treat: 2(green tea ice cream mochi dessert) + 1(fresh brewed ginger tea) = delightful.