Lilienne Lei-Jung Chan. I go by Lil.

My goal is to create compelling narratives using my five foremost loves: drawing, painting, thoughtful design, healthy doses of whimsy, and pens.

I'm a Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator in Seattle looking for new opportunities. Currently an Artist with the extra excellent Extra Credits team on their Extra History web series.

Questions, comments, inquiries? Feel free to send them to
CV and Résumé found here.

Inspirations: Graphic novels and animation ever since I was a kid, of both fantasy and science-fiction in origin. Particular favorites include Joe the Barbarian and Porco Rosso.

Pastime Activities: Sketch-studying, personal illustrations, short story writing, designing furniture I want to build myself, and knitting+crocheting gifts.

Video Games: Journey and The Last of Us.
Movies: varying degrees of quality here, but Hong Kong kung fu action flicks and Wes Anderson are up there.

Favorite Treat: 2(green tea ice cream mochi dessert) + 1(fresh brewed ginger tea) = delightful.