Personal concepts - A collection of concept designs focused on creating spaces with rich narrative potential.
Luke and The Lantern concept designs - An unreleased indie title by Indreams Studios. As the Lead Artist on this indie game, I worked with Art Director Mike Cacciamani to concept environments that reflected the character's emotional progression through the game. I also designed the main character, their prop, and created 2D assets and textures to be used in-game.
Fantasy Castle concept design - A collaboration with writers M Rawlings and Kiri Callaghan to design a key setting in their fantasy novel passion project.
Blink the Game concept designs - A 2012 stealth action video game made by students graduating from the Game Design program at USC. I contributed designs that further immersed players into the game's universe.
Abhorsen inspired concept designs - A series of designs inspired by the popular young adult book series Abhorsen by Garth Nix. The universe he describes in the books really spoke to me, and I wanted to visualize the places and objects I enjoyed reading about.