Over the Edge by Atlas Games - A series of illustrations I did for the successfully Kickstarted Over the Edge: A Roleplaying Game of Weird Urban Danger. Working with the project's Art Director James Mosingo, I illustrated spaces that would immerse players further in the game's offbeat universe.
Emotional Baggage illustration series - Chronicles of a traveler and their robot companion as they search for a home on a foreign world.
I Dream of Sleep illustration series - The processes that sleep allows are important and complex, yet sleep itself is often taken for granted. These illustrations explore these processes using medicinal herbs and flowers symbolic to each theme as inspiration.
Spirit Trees illustration series - A Halloween inspired series, I extrapolated on the hollowed trees with jagged faces and gnarled branches that are often used to depict 'spooky trees'. Each spirit tree is based on a different interpretation of the word 'spirit', as those are what the tradition of Halloween were meant to protect society from.
DUNE Seattle illustrations - A monthly zine event in Seattle, local artists and illustrators contribute an illustration they create within a 4 hour time frame. Each contribution is photocopied and collected into a zine that is then distributed to each contributor the following month. Below is a collection of pieces I contributed.