Halloo! My full name is Lilienne Lei-Jung Chan, but I prefer Lil; it's short, sweet, and well, li'l.

I'm a 2D Artist looking for Concept Design and Art Production opportunities for novel and narrative-driven game experiences.
In my past experiences as a Lead Artist with Indreams Studios and a Series Artist with Extra Credits on their web series Extra History, I created art with the goal of supporting narratives in ways that resonated with audiences.
Those goals are what drive me to work in games.
The level which games are capable of immersing people in emotional and menaingful experiences is something I aspire to achieve in my art, specifically through designing environments that invite people to explore them.
I'm available for freelance work, so feel free to email me about your art needs!

Some bonus information about me:
Inspirations: Thought provoking graphic novels, movies, and games that take me to places I want to explore but don't exist.
Favorite Video Games: Journey. The Last of Us. Shadow of the Colossus. Katamari
Go-to Movies: Kiki's Delivery Service. Kung Fu Killer. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Comic Catharsis: Joe the Barbarian. Bone. Battle Angel Alita. Tintin. Sandman
Places I call home: I've lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, China, and in the States, specifically Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, and now Seattle. From it I've gained the value of respecting and expecting acceptance of the varying backgrounds people hail from.
Pastime Activities: sketching. participating in local art shows. designing furniture I want to build myself. knitting+crocheting gifts.
Happy Treat: 2(green tea ice cream mochi dessert) + 1(fresh brewed ginger tea) = delightful