Client Testimonials

"Lil immediately dove in with a high level of energy and creativity, and I soon thought of her as another member of the core team. She attacks complicated challenges holistically and logically, and she quickly internalizes and addresses feedback, making her a valuable, time-saving asset. Her ideas are expressed clearly in her work, she's proactive about time estimates and scheduling, and I think most importantly, she often brings new and unexpected ideas to the table in a thoughtful and professional manner."

- Chad LaClair, Art Director at The Molasses Flood

"For Bargain Quest, we had always worked with a single artist for the entire game, giving it a very particular art style so we were a bit hesitant to reach out to other artists. Thankfully, Lil came through very well. She was incredibly receptive to feedback, her revision passes were very fast, and took all of our notes into consideration! She was clear about her timing, availability, and workload and the whole process was smooth with consistent communication and no surprises or delays! Fantastic, really."

- Jonathan Ying, Designer

"I had no general concerns contracting Lil. She came highly recommended by an associate artist, and after seeing Lil's portfolio, it was a no brainer. She set up early on how to best engage her as an artist in both communication and in content, and she always requested very clear guidelines and initial notes. Because of that, revisions were more often than not, very minimal. Lil's amazing work ethic and flat out speed coupled with quality work got us ahead of our workload. In fact I was the one having to keep up with her in the last couple months of her contract. I'd absolutely call on her services again."

- Dan Helle, Lead Artist at East Side Games

"My project required an art style similar to 1970s cartoons, and I was concerned about finding an artist who exhibited the range I needed. I was impressed by the range shown in Lil's portfolio, and discussing my vision with her put me ease. She was honest with me about what could and could not be done, and she demonstrated significant discipline and respect for our deadlines. She was hard working, talented, and professional from the project's beginning to completion. I could not be more pleased, and I hope to hire her again."

- Toby Strauss, Author of the 'Jinkies!' RPG

"We needed help designing the different environments for our game Calico so that we could visualize those areas for pre-development. Lil was able to take the descriptions I gave and create adorable and beautiful art pieces that brought my project to life. She took feedback constructively and was able to create exactly what we were looking for!"

- Kells Tate, Creative Director at Peachy Keen Games

"Having been a freelancer myself, I knew that scheduling might be an issue with planning and executing tasks, but Lil managed her tasks well, kept me up to date with her availability, and nothing was missed or delivered late. Hiring Lil allowed our small three person team to focus on other tasks that required our careful attention. She's always open for discussion and ideation sessions, and really knows how to bring those ideas to life in her incredible concept art."

- Alex Madrigal, Visual Director at MeeWow Games